CQUni Cairns Taipans v Sydney Kings 7/12/23


Well, we beat the ladder leaders in Melbourne during the last week, and came home to play against the Sydney Kings. Didn't get off to a great start, and were down at half time (the margin had been 22 earlier...). Then a major power surge took out the aircon and half the electronics - including the Game Clock / Shot Clock. 

After a long interval, the game got going again and the guys were fired up. Dragged the half time gap down from 11 points to just 3, with Jonah sinking a three-pointer to (we thought) tie it up on the final buzzer. However, the time shown on the scoreboard was about one second behind the game clock at the Scorer's Bench, and the full time buzzer went off just before the ball left Jonah's hands. So we missed by a miserable three points. That makes it one all between us and the Kings.

Off to Adelaide on Saturday, then back home to play the Breakers on Friday

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