Thunder in the Canefields 2 - 15 July 2023


Perfect weather for racing was not what many people were expecting. A reasonably heavy downpour in the early hours of the morning made the pit area a bit like a swamp in some sections, but the sun came out and dried most of it off. Didn't do the track any harm, only minimal preparation was required

There will be some hard working crews again after the night's events, with the Modified Sedans almost becoming a "win by attrition" feature race. Made for very good racing, however. As did all the classes - sure, we lost a few cars during the night but that was their fourth night of competition in two weekends. 

Big thanks to all who made the trip, with the Pro Sprintcar feature race going to Domain Ramsay from Victoria, but the Thunder in the Canefields Series win went to Brodie Davis, with Domain second and Wes Jenkins third overall.

Bit of a break now - next meeting isn't for a month!

Photos are available for sale as digital images only, which always go through Photoshop first.