Cairns Speedway Round 1 - 22nd August 2020

Well, the year didn't exactly get off to a brilliant start with the COVID Pandemic, but we finally got to race! Cars from all over North Queensland, and also from Brisbane; spectators from as far away as Adelaide - everyone was desperate to just. go. racing. So we did. Our thanks to everyone who braved the lines to get in, but we have to do it right. Sprintcars always take centre stage, even when 6 out of the 7 drivers have still got their L plates on. Only lost one car during the evening, but all of them were running around the same lap times so they'll only get better from here on. 18 F500s, and good to see two of our ex-Junior drivers in the ranks! F400s up from Townsville and Mackay, they were a lot of fun. I could go on all night, but it's late. So I won't...

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