Cairns Dolphins & Marlins v Mackay 28/06/24

What a night of basketball! The Dolphins came up marginally short, but it wasn't for want of trying. Mia chipped in with 39 points and 11 rebounds, backed up by Samantha with 13  and 7, and LJ with 12 and 8. Went down by 4 points.

Then it was time for the Marlins against the Meteors. Mackay had lost one game all season, so was obviously on top of the ladder. In an absolute thriller, the Marlins beat the Meteors by a measly 2 points. Could the spectators who were there for the game please volunteer to help put the roof back on? It was so loud in the second half, with the Marlins coming back from a 14 point deficit, that I walked away with a major headache.

The Stattmann brothers combined for 62 points with some really flashy play when needed, helping the Marlins to a 27 - 15 scoreline for the fourth quarter. Able assistance came from Kian and Josh. The win lifts the Marlins back into playoff contention, with only one Home game remaining (12th July), and a couple of Away games next weekend.

Half time saw some of the members of the Marlins team that won it all in 2004 coming back to meet their successors and the spectators, with a presentation of keepsakes which included a USB containing all the three games that took them to the title.

And what about those Marlins shoes (last pic)?

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