Cairns Dolphins & Marlins v Logan Thunder 25/05/24

Not a happy evening at the office, both teams losing to Logan Thunder. You get that, but it doesn't hurt any less.

The Dolphins were on the wrong end of the Logan defence (and the three point shots that Logan seemed to be able to pluck out of nowhere).

Welcomed Joshua Kunen to the Marlins. For his first game 14 points and 4 rebounds is a good start. Ky and Kody did their part too, as usual, but the Logan defense was overpowering. Deja vu for Curt - he's had his old sparring partners, Deba George and Michael Cedar in the last two games - this time it was Chris Cedar. These guys have been playing against each other since basketball was invented, I think!

Two away games next weekend followed by a Sunday home game against Rockhampton.

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