Cairns Dolphins & Marlins v Townsville 3/5/24

Almost like the old "Reptile Rumble" days with the two closest northern sides at it again...

The Dolphins showed a huge improvement over recent games, and even though they didn't come away with the win, there was lots to make it a good game for the spectators. The addition of Mia Lloyd certainly made a difference. Now all we need is Myra to come back and we'll have our first full team for the season!

In the men's game, just like the last home game was a resumption of Curt vs Deba, this one was Curt vs Michael Cedar. Just like a few (lot!) of years ago. Curt with a string of long range bombs took the chocolates, while Alex was having his own kind of fun, top scoring with 29, Ky not far behind. Not as simple as it looks on paper (electrons?) however - with 19.5 seconds to go, the game was all tied up, Marlins in possession. Alex waited until the game clock had just about run out and calmly dropped a three pointer. 1.2 seconds left on the clock for Townsville to tie it up and their shot missed.

A good night's entertainment!

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